Good food and excellent wines

We only use high-quality products from our proven suppliers. Check out our regular menu, which includes a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, seafood sets and desserts.

Our sommeliers can offer their expertise with your wine selection and food pairing. Our wine list includes all varieties available in the store.


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Cheese and cold cuts boards

Carefully handpicked French cheeses and cold meats, with a variety intensity of taste and aroma, usually served with fresh fruit and nuts.


Raclette cheese is a full-fat, medium-hard, this distinct flavored cheese is made solely from milk . Maturing for at least three months. Delicious when served warm with any side dish like salad, potatoes or cold meats.


This delicacy enclosed in a shell is edible molluscs from the clam family. Soute is served with lemon and sauce. The most commonly available kind we offer are: fine de claire, speciale utah beach, speciale cancale and geay


It is a type of baking in the form of a cake consisting of a salty shortcrust pastry and a dry filling, served with a salad. We offer a selection of vegetarian options.

Seafood Platters

Our seafood is of excellent quality, and at a very competitive price. The seafood platter consists of shrimps, clams, oysters and trumpets – snails. They are served with lemon and French mayonnaise sauce.


Available various monoportions – chocolate or meringue. There is also a strong chocolate tart that will complement any dinner with its incredible intensity and sweetness.

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